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Golden Grain Bible College and Seminary is an interdenominational Christian-training center for the Body of Christ. G.G.B.C.&S. has roots and original classes that date back to 1986 but has since reorganized and officially became Golden Grain Bible College and Seminary in 1989.

In April 1993, G.G.B.C.&S. became the educational outreach of Zion Ministries, Inc. Zion Ministries is an evangelical religious corporation founded and incorporated in the State of California in 1981. The education offered at G.G.B.C.&S. is reflective of the principles of the parent corporation. We believe that Golden Grain Bible College and School of Ministry was established by the Holy Spirit to provide a quality education with a Bible based philosophy and an academic curriculum which includes Biblical principles for daily activities. The program of instruction is designed to meet the need of the total person in Spirit, Soul, and Body; as well as preparation for Christian Service. God has called together a staff of dedicated Christian teachers who believe that it is a privilege and opportunity to use their God-given talents in spiritual ministry. G.G.B.C.&S. has an educational program which provides a standard for scholastic excellence, fulfills requirements for accreditation,

and properly acknowledges the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the desire of each member of our staff to be subject to the leadership and spiritual guidance of the Lord Jesus, as we seek to fulfill His plan and purpose for this day in which we live. Our goal is that every student will find the necessary tools that will prepare them for productive Christian service that are consistent with the teachings of the Bible. Our prayer is that during your time with us at Golden Grain Bible College & Seminary, together we will be “PREPARING THE WAY OF THE LORD.” It is my heartfelt desire that our students will be able to strengthen the whole Body of Christ and that they may be better equipped to bless their

own churches and places of ministry. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you as you enter your studies at G.G. B. C. & S. As

president, if I can be of any assistance to you, it would be a pleasure to serve you.

In His Service,


J. O. Reed, Th.D., Ph.D., D.D. (1940-2013)

Past President

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